DEALER in the picture: Interview with Dormac CEO Mr. Karsten

For Dormac, our dealer in The Netherlands, the success with teach-in lathes started in the early 90’s. In these years Dormac was very well known in the Dutch market with the sales and support of teach-in lathes. For many companies Dormac is the specialist especially when it comes to the production of (long) shafts.


Mr. Karsten (CEO) indicates that Dormac was the absolute market leader in those years and many conventional operators found their way to the showroom of Dormac. Nowdays the market situation is different and more aggressive. Especially small teach-in machines have to compete with slant-bed CNC or low-cost teach-in lathes.

Mr. Karsten says: “Although the competition is strong and the market for the small teach-in lathes is more difficult, still many end users find their way to Dormac because of our experience. We are familiar with their production needs and are specialized in the production of shafts and cylinders."

Experience in service!

"In our market we have a great advantage with our experience for making these type of critical parts. At Dormac, our customers can expect experienced people who can give good and reliable machine advise for their production needs. After installation of the machine we are there with our service team for many years to support."

Short return on investment

"We want our customer to buy the right machine, that they are able to make good products, that they make profit and have an as short as possible return on investment. With FAT we are able to do so, they have a great program in different machine sizes and produce stable machines with a lot of possibilities. We see the results of the product improvement and are happy with their listening ear and open view in the market”.

Next show: TECHNISHOW!

The next big show in Holland is the Techni Show in Utrecht which will be held from 15 till 18 March 2016. Dormac will show the newest mono-block FAT TUR SMN930 with 3.000mm between centers in Hall 12, booth A086.

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