FAT-HACO company sponsored the restoration of Diana monument in Wroclaw

FAT-HACO company since its foundation has always participated in social initiatives in Wroclaw. Recently, the company has contributed to the project of rebuilding a statue of Diana in one of the most beautiful parks of the city – Szczytnicki park. Diana statue decorated the pre-war park until its mysterious disappearance in 1945. Now, 70 years later, the monument, due to efforts of the authorities and citizens of Wroclaw and the support of sponsors, returned to its primary location. The unveiling of the monument took place on 10 September this year. The CEO of FAT HACO company – Mr. Gabriel Joye, invited by the city authorities, took part in the celebration. We are proud that as a company rooted in Wroclaw, we could financially support the project of rebuilding the monument and to contribute to the cultural development of our city.

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