FATHaco employees reach highest peak of Skrzyczne mountains!

The summer is almost over. During this period, employees of FAT HACO organized two trips. At the beginning of July they went in Beskid Slaski to the mountain town  Szczyrk, where the aim was to reach the highest peak of these mountains called Skrzyczne (1257 heighth). After several hours of walking  In the sun and rain they reached their destination. At the top in the shelter the FAT HACO employees took the time to rest, have a delicious meal and enjoy a cup of coffee. The next day, on the way back, they visited the famous castle in Pszczyna. It was also an opportunity to purchase local products and eat traditional Silesian food.


In early September, our staff arranged another trip in the highest Polish mountains Tatra. The tour is one of the most beautiful in the High Tatras. Early morning hikers began their trek in Kuznice and after about 2 hours they reached the shelter Murowaniec. After the meal and a short rest they moved on. Around noon they stood at the pass Krzyżne (2112 m asl) which offers a beautiful view of the Valley of Five Polish Ponds. After two hours, they came to the shelter in the Valley of the Five Ponds, where the views compensate for the hardships tour. In the evening, tired but full of satisfaction they returned to Zakopane.

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