Modernised FCT 700 X 4100

We are proud to announce that we have recently modernised our slant bed lathe type FCT 700. Design and housing of the lathe have been renewed. Our company - FAT HACO has already provided 3 machines of this type to our biggest customer in Finland – Hydroline company.

Manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders

All of them have already been successfully commissioned. Our customer is one of the biggest and most known manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders in Finland. The company opened their branch in Poland this year where they use our other machines such as: FCT 700 and TUR 630 MN X 4000.


What we consider our greatest achievement is that for the first time the machine of this type – FCT 700 has 4100mm machining length, tailstock with independent NC drive and driven hydraulic rest. In addition to that, the redesigned lathe has hydraulic chuck instead of a standard quill installed on the tailstock (see photo below). 

  • fct700tailtockwithspindle2.jpg

The new design of FCT700 allows equipping this lathe also with sub-spindle, milling head and tool changer.

Many different kinds of material

This heavy duty lathe is a powerful device for machining many different kinds of material. Every time when you need strong lathe, big chips high accuracy and efficiency, FCT700 is the best choice. 

  • p1040062.JPG
  • fctopendoor-1.jpg
  • fct700doorsopen-1.jpg
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