Our new dealer in Canada: Quality Cutting Tools

FAT Haco started a cooperation with the company Quality CuttingTools in Saskatoon as a new dealer in Canada.  Quality Cutting Tools is a family owned company with stores/warehouses in two locations, Saskatoon SK and Edmonton AB and is approaching her 25th year in business.

Our new partner has installed a lathe TUR 630PMN in his showroom and presents this machine to the potential clients.


The new TUR “Pipe” MN lathe is based on the most popular series of TUR MN adapted to turning pipes at diameter of 165 mm. Spindle bore can be increased optionally to 190 mm.  The machine in standard version allows using two chucks on both sides of the spindle. This solution is mainly used in internal turning of pipes at external diameter to 6,5’’ or 7,5’’.

  • tur630pmnrearspindlenose165mmborecoverclosed.jpg
  • tur630pmnfrontspindlenose165mmbore.jpg

The machine has a very strong motor of 18,5 kW which guarantees high torque. The machine is equipped with SIEMENS 840 D SL control system. This control system has a very clear design and is user-friendly since it is intuitive and does not require having specialist knowledge of programming. Moreover, it enables use of highly developed technologies.

Reduced production time, very high precision (especially during work in production cycle) and freeing operator from routine work are the biggest advantages of the machine and its distinctive features. These features significantly influence the production effectiveness level of the machine.   

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The new TUR “Pipe” MN lathe                                                                                                                                The QCT-team

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