TUR PMN 710 x 4000 special execution

A highly customized machine

The machine is designed for highly efficient machining of thin-wall aluminum pipes. It is equipped with automated loading system for quick loading and clamping of workpiece. A workpiece is put to the machine through the large spindle-bore and caught by a part-catcher mounted on the travers.


High speed milling unit

The lathe has high-speed milling unit that is installed on the back side of the machine on the independent additional rail. The unit has independent drives (Z and X) controlled as NC axes. The lathe also has in the front standard place the 12 position tool turret with driven tools for turning, milling and drilling operations.

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Bending prevention

The machine is equipped with pneumatic follow rest to prevent a ductile workpiece from bending during machining. The follow rest with Teflon inserts is mounted on the saddle.


Large stroke

The workpiece is supported by specially designed hydraulic tailstock with large stroke. The quill has built-in bearings system and a flange prepared for mounting a pneumatic chuck or automatic expanding mandrel.


Technical specifications

Swing over bed

710 mm

Distance between centers

4000 mm

Main drive power (S1)

12 kW

Spindle bore

166 mm

Tailstock quill stroke

300 mm

Milling spindle speed

18.000 rpm

Video and more information

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