Industry 4.0 - FAT IoT Dashboard 
22 November 2022

Industry 4.0 - FAT IoT Dashboard 


Currently, the widespread connection of machine tools to the Ethernet network improves the programming process, enables remote service, but also makes real-time data acquisition from the control and saves selected parameters in the database. This solution is more and more often required by company managers.



Our offer includes a system for collecting and storing key parameters of the machine tool.These data are presented in the form of a website after logging in via the browser or can be exported from the database to other IT systems according tocustomer wishes. The software is pre-configured and delivered with the required hardware built into electrical cabinet. The integration of the software with the client's IT system is handled by our engineers together with the client's IT department. The application can be accessed (after logging in) from any computer on the local network using a web browser.The software is optimized for Full HD and scalable.

In the basic version, the FAT Machine Dashboard software allows you to view and register parameters such as:


In consultation with the client, broadly understood modifications are possible, consisting in introducing into the system a set of sensors supervising the operation of sensitive machine parts, such as bearing temperature, but also many other parameters, such as the current level of coolant in the tank or the temperature of individual engines. All details can be agreed at the stage of discussions with the sales department.

Having information about the machine tool from the past months and even years in the database allows you to plan repairs, calculate the efficiency factor or analyze the energy consumption of the machine in selected periods.

If you are not sure if it will be useful to you: ask!



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