Modern machining center FCTS 900 is one of a range of CNC machine models manufactured in Europe by FAT-Haco. Due to the special design of the bed and the column, 900 mm turning diameter is not limited by the carriage slide. It ensures also optimum swarf removal, easy setting and operation, together with the best distribution of cutting forces. Constructed from high quality and high-techcomponents which offers manufacturers the highest level of machining with pure accuracy. The machine tool is available in three versions: standard FCTS 900, one with an integrated Y-axis (FCTS900 Y) and another version, FCTS YH, with a higher column, enabling the integration of the milling head with the B axis, tool magazine and the extended Y-axis.

Technical Specifications

Distance between centers
Watch shorter travel of column in Z-axis!
mm 1.900 – 2.900 – 3.900- 4.900 – 5.900 – 6.900 – 7.900
Swing over bed mm 900
Swing over saddle mm 900
Max. Weight between centers (without steadies) kg 4500
Max. Weight in chuck only kg 1000
Max turning diameter mm 900
Number of spindle ranges 2 Planetary gearbox
Main drive motor power (S1) kW 41
Standard execution 140:
Spindle bore mm 140
Top spindle speed rpm 2500
Max. turning torque with 2-range gearbox Nm 3500
Spindle nose (DIN 55026 / ISO702/I) DIN 55026 A2-15
Standard execution 220:
Spindle bore mm 220
Top spindle speed rpm 2000
Max. turning torque with 2-range gearbox Nm 3500
Spindle nose (DIN 55026 / ISO702/I) DIN 55026 A2-15
Cross slide travel X-axis / (with B-axis) mm 650 / 990
Travel Z-axis mm 1.350 / 2.350 / 3.350 /…/ 7.350
Y-axis travel (option version FCTS Y) mm 210 (±105)
Y-axis long travel (option version FCTS YH)
Watch out the limits with big milling heads
mm 450 (+245/-205)
Rapid travel Z-axis m/min 24
Rapid travel X-axis m/min 15
Rapid travel Y-axis m/min 15
Feed force transverse kN 30
Feed force transverse (FCTS YH) kN 40
Feed force longitudinal kN 30
Feed force longitudinal (FCTS YH) kN 35
Ball screw Z-axis mm 63
Ball screw X-axis mm 50
Ball screw Y-axis mm 50
Width of slide ways mm X=600, Y=600, Z=645
12-position tool turret for static tooling DIN69880 VDI 50
Quill diameter mm 160
Quill taper MT MT 6
Quill stroke mm 150
Spindle bore mm 105
Top spindle speed rpm 1800
Spindle nose (DIN 55026 / ISO702/I) DIN 55026 A2-8
Max. turning torque with 2-range gearbox Nm 950
WEIGHT (estimated)
FCTS 900 x 1.100 kg 22.000
FCTS 900 x 2.100 kg 24.000
FCTS 900 x 3.100 kg 26.000
FCTS 900 x 4.100 kg 28.000
FCTS 900 x 5.100 kg 30.000
FCTS 900 x 6.100 kg 32.000
FCTS 900 x 7.100 kg 34.000


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