FAT HACO is a leading European manufacturer of conventional and CNC lathes. Thanks to many years of experience in machine building, we provide high-quality lathes at competitive prices. Below are the stories of satisfied customers who have purchased our machines and use them to this day.


UBROEK - ,,With FAT HACO we know we made the right choice"

Ubroek is subcontractor. Company which manufacture a lot of different products. Their specialities are turning, milling, boring and grinding. Their work can range from axes for the paper industry to turbine axes. Ubroek is a subcontractor. Few years ago, Ubroek saw more opportunities in the energy market and the petroleum industry. Therefore, they've decided to invest in a bigger Fathaco CNC Lathe.

„...we already had a little CNC lathe but then we started to look for a bigger one. And that’s how we bumped in to FAT HACO.The price-quality ratio is very good with FAT HACO machines. The machine stability and the heavy-duty guides were attractive. All this is very important for us because of the precise nature of the products we make. We cannot afford to have vibrations during machining so it’s essential that the machines are solid. With FAT HACO we know we made the right choice (…) We also have a quick response from the FAT HACO service department in Poland. In the future we are planning to further expand our machine park. A the moment we are installing a very large milling machine. In additon to that we want to add a large FAT HACO lathe with a length of around 10 meters. This will allow us to machine bigger products, for the energy sector, petroleum – and paper industry, among others.”

John HermansManaging Director


WEIR MINERALS - ,,These features make the FAT HACO machine safe, qualitative and compact"

Company with a hundred years of experience. Their main products are pumps and pulverisers for the mining industry. The Dutch manufacturer of mining equipment relies on FATHACO Lathes to produce heavy mining machinery.

With our Fat HACO lathes we’ve always been turning parts for our pumps and for a couple of years now we also machine the parts of our pulverisers. Weir highly values key values as safety, quality and price quality. Keeping these 3 values in mind we decided to start partnership with FAT HACO. The controller, a Siemens 840D solution line with Saturn software, makes it so easy for the operator to program the machine. With the Sauter head we almost don’t have to do manual toolchanges anymore. The Saulter head has 4 tool position which can run automatically in almost every program. These features make the FAT HACO machine safe, qualitative and compact. With our machine park we want to stay up to date with High Tech machinery. We want to do more with less machines.”

Rik Smits - Manufacturing Manager



DREHER - ,,...our priority will not be fast feeds, but high stability and capacity for deep cutting. It was deciding criterion for selection FAT HACO lathe..."

The German company Dreher is a manufacturer of a wide range of granulators. It is a recognized partner for the entire plastics industry whose products are used all over the world. The company was looking for an advanced stable lathe. Dreher decided to cooperate with FAT HACO.

„The company Dreher produces the rotors for its granulators for plastic from the full steel pieces.This means we always rely on stable and robust lathes. And in 2007 we have found that we need a bigger lathe with very strong machining capacity. We started the search for reasonable, stable lathe. Because we produce many different models, there must be manufactured particular type of rotor of every kind of application. We don’t make a big, serial production but concentrate on single pieces. This is the reason that we were looking for stiff and stable lathe. They were able to offer us stron machine for manufacturing batches. Thanks to that we were with FAT HACO proposal very happy. The rotors from company Dreher have to be produced from the full steel pieces. The machining proces brings massive amount of chips. It means for us, that our priority will not be fast feeds, but high stability and capacity for deep cutting. It was deciding criterion for selection FAT HACO lathe (…) Furthermore, the price was of course also decisive.”

Nico Dreher - General Manager


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