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20 June 2024
Instruction manual of CNC lathe and conventional lathe

Before starting work on a TUR lathe, each employee should carefully read the technical and operational documentation (DTR) in order to learn about the structure of the lathe, how its mechanisms work and their adjustments, as well as their use, operation and safety.

23 May 2024
Conventional lathe from 1993. Renovation and modernization

For ETEX POLAND, we carried out a professional renovation of our classic TUR 630 M conventional lathe from 1993. A thorough overhaul and modernization of individual parts gave this machine a second life. The distant production date and the continuous ability to machinning prove the reliability of these lathes.

18 April 2024
CNC machine assembly - erasmus internship

As part of the Erasmus project, six young students from Strukovna škola Đurđevac - SSDJ in Croatia completed professional internships at our plant.

27 March 2024
CNC lathe with slant bed. Special version with a double support. Machine presentation

We are finishing the assembly of the FCT 700 series CNC lathe. The machine will be available in our machinery for two weeks.
If you would like to see this machine in person, arrange a presentation with us.

05 March 2024
CNC lathe TUR MN 800 – comprehensive renovation

Renovation of a CNC lathe is always necessary to keep the machine in good technical condition, ensure high quality machining and adapt it to changing needs and production requirements.

12 February 2024
Specialized CNC lathe by FAT HACO for sale

FAT HACO is a leading manufacturer of numerically controlled lathes in Poland. Currently, the company is completing the assembly of a specialized, heavy CNC lathe from the TUR 4MN series.

30 January 2024
Cutting of aluminum and metal profiles Mubea Systems Profile Flex - professional CNC machines

In our machinery park, we develop the production of specialized machines from the Mubea Systems series.
Mubea Systems by HACO is a range of 5 axis CNC machining centers, specially designed for automatic machining of extremely long aluminum and steel profiles. These machines have a wide range of applications in the rapidly developing public transport market, including: railways and aviation. They are used, among other things, to form passenger cabins.

21 December 2023
Merry Christmas and happy New Year

All the best for Christmas and the coming new year to our customers and business partners.

30 October 2023
CNC machine tools on the US market

October was marked by the international metalworking fair EMO Hannover 2023, where we had the pleasure to present our CNC lathe from the TUR SMN series.

02 October 2023
Leadscrew pitch error compensation 

In order to improve the working precision of the lathe, our engineers apply leadscrew pitch error compensation. This error is an uneven pitch and clearance on the screw/nut assembly, it means that the positioning of the machine (positioning of a given machine axis) is repetitive but with some error. To eliminate this, laser compensation of the pitch error of the ball screw is used.


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