TV report from the AMB fair in Stuttgart
03 November 2022

TV report from the AMB fair in Stuttgart

MTDCNC TV, visiting the FAT HACO stand at the AMB 2022 fair in Stuttgart, interviewed us. "Our company is a member of the Belgian HACO group, a leading European manufacturer of conventional and CNC lathes," emphasizes Ireneusz Ostrowski from FAT HACO.

For over 60 years, we have been delivering lathes with the best performance at competitive prices to the market. FAT HACO benefits from its vast experience and since 1945, the company has sold over 50,000 machines all over the world. Our well-equipped assembly plant, research and development center and our own foundry allow us to produce around 80% of our components - from the casting to the finished product.

FAT HACO works closely with the customer to develop a machine for specific requirements, up to 22 meters long and with chucks up to 3 meters in diameter in some cases. We invite you to watch TV coverage:

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