Internal boring on CNC lathes - solutions and possibilities
11 April 2023

Internal boring on CNC lathes - solutions and possibilities


Boring bars for lathes are cutting tools used for internal machining of materials. In its construction, it consists of a mandrel with at least one turning tool mounted on it. Boring bars for CNC lathes come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your machining needs. Modern ones enable quick replacement of tool heads.


Dampened boring bars are used for efficient and accurate machining of internal diameters of long components. The boring bar is mounted in a special holder on the lathe support. Then, according to the program, the CNC moves in such a way as to produce the appropriate shapes and holes in the workpiece. When selecting boring bars for CNC lathes, consider the type of material to be machined, the size of holes, shapes and the depth to which the boring should be made. FAT HACO offers proven boring bars from leading manufacturers for its lathes. They are made in the "silent tool" technology, which allows for precise and effective machining of even extremely deep workpieces.

Boring bars and FAT HACO holder systems

FAT HACO's original solution is a variety of holder systems that fix the boring bar on the support and support machining efficiency:






If you are interested in any of our solutions, please contact our sales department: sales@fathaco.com 

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