Grinding and milling unit for CNC flat bed lathe 
15 May 2023

Grinding and milling unit for CNC flat bed lathe 


When purchasing CNC machines, customers also opt for additional components. One of them is a grinding or milling unit, which is an excellent complement to the turning process.



The grinding unit is a tool that can be equipped with different types of grinding discs or grinding stones, depending on the type of material being machined and the requirements for the quality of the finish. It is a type of grinder placed on a lathe support or tool head whose disc rotates together with the workpiece (e. g. shafts, bushings, nuts and other mechanical elements).



The milling unit is a tool equipped with different types of milling cutters. Attachments are available in different sizes, shapes and configurations. They are usually mounted using special brackets or adapters on the support or tool head.


A film presenting the possibilities of grinding and milling units

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