Privacy Policy


§ 1 Administrator

1. All personal data and other information concerning the Website Users are subject to legal protection in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and other laws in force in the Republic of Poland.
2. The administrator of personal data is Fabryka Automatów Tokarskich w Wrocławiu S. A. with its registered office at 53-234 Wrocław, ul. Grabiszyńska 281, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs by the District Court under KRS number 0000166577, with NIP number 896-000-01-38, REGON 931024534.
3. The Administrator has taken all measures aimed at protecting Users’ personal data and protecting their privacy.
4. This text presents the scope and rules of processing and sharing data and information about the Website Users.

§ 2 Scope of data processing

1. The Administrator processes only those personal data that are necessary for the proper implementation of the services provided by the Website.
2. Providing personal data is voluntary, but it may be necessary to provide a specific category of services.
3. The administrator collects data about the IP number of the computer for statistical purposes

§ 3 Cookies

1. Using the Administrator’s Website causes the User who uses it to save and store small text files (so-called cookies) on his computer. Thanks to these files, the Administrator can determine whether a given User using a specific device has already visited the Website or its elements.
2. Cookies are necessary for statistical, advertising purposes, as well as for adjusting the Website to the needs of the User.
3. Cookies do not collect personal data, do not change the configuration of the computer, do not serve to install or uninstall any computer programs, do not interfere with the integrity of the IT system or data of the User, are also not processed by other websites and may be deleted by the User at any time.
4. Using the administrator’s websites without changing the cookie settings means that they will be stored in the device’s memory.
5. Cookies may be deleted by the User or the User may make appropriate changes in the settings of the system software of the device used to delete or not save cookies. In order to delete cookies or not save them on the User’s device, you must make the appropriate choice in the settings of your Internet browser.

§ 4 Security of personal data

1. All information about Users is stored on servers located in the Republic of Poland.
2. Servers are protected against unauthorized access.
3. The Administrator ensures the security of servers, which have technical and organizational security preventing the loss of the security of the processed data.
4. The only persons authorized to access the servers on which personal data are processed are properly trained employees of the Administrator.

§ 5 Disclosure of data

1. The Administrator does not share the User’s data with other entities.
2. Any disclosure of data may take place only on the basis of and within the scope of the law.
3. Any sending of advertising and marketing materials via e-mail is subject to the prior consent of the User.
4. Each User has the right to resign from receiving advertising materials sent by the Administrator to the e-mail address.

§ 6 Rights of persons whose data are processed

1. The User who is a natural person whose personal data are processed by the Administrator has the right to inspect, correct and request the deletion of personal data concerning him.
2. After the deletion of personal data, the Administrator has the right to process only those data that are necessary in accordance with the relevant provisions of law in order to confirm the performance of the service, the settlement of taxes, for the period indicated in these provisions.
3. The deletion of data does not concern the deletion of information that does not constitute personal data of the User.

§ 7 Change of policy

1. The Administrator may change the Privacy Policy in the event of a change in the law or a change in the functionality of the Website, causing the need to change this document.
2. Detailed information regarding the provision of services by the Administrator in electronic form is contained in the relevant regulations for the provision of services by electronic means.

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