17 March 2023
CNC turning what is it?


Metal turning is one of the forms of machining, which involves the production of elements with a cylindrical shape. As a result of metal turning, a wide range of elements can be produced, from simple shafts, sleeves, to more advanced products, by combining external and internal machining.


07 March 2023
Production of CNC machines - special projects

Based on the combination of our extensive experience in the production of lathes, constant development and improvement, our range has been expanded to include special machines dedicated to meeting specific customer requirements. We focus not only on the production of standard horizontal lathes. Our goal is to provide contractors with specialized multi-purpose machines, as well as the production of complete production lines for complex machining operations including: turning, grinding, boring and other complex operations. Below we present completed projects.

25 January 2023
The history of the founding of Fabryka Automatów Tokarskich

The establishment of Fabryka Automatów Tokarskich is connected with the history of two plants. The first of these was the factory of Carl Justus Heckmann, which began operating in Berlin in 1819. In the following years, branch plants of the Heckmann factory were established in Moscow, Hamburg and Havana. The Wrocław branch was opened in 1851 at today's Małachowskiego Street. At that time, devices for the brewing and sugar industry were produced.


22 November 2022
Industry 4.0 - FAT IoT Dashboard 


Currently, the widespread connection of machine tools to the Ethernet network improves the programming process, enables remote service, but also makes real-time data acquisition from the control and saves selected parameters in the database. This solution is more and more often required by company managers.


11 October 2022
Automation of machining process 

The expectations of the global market affected by the pandemic in previous years, and now the war in Ukraine, mean that we are constantly witnessing further automation of production processes. At a time when employee maintenance costs and workplace organization are at a high level, automation becomes the expected solution. FAT HACO offers its customers ready-made advanced automation systems "turnkey".



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