Lathes transport to Egypt - challenges and how to deal with them
17 April 2023

Lathes transport to Egypt - challenges and how to deal with them


Nowadays, globalization enables easier flow of goods and services between different countries and regions. The transport of goods, including specialized machines such as CNC lathes, plays an important role in global trade. Transporting a lathe requires careful planning and the use of experienced transport companies and local experts to help solve potential problems. In this expert article, we will discuss several aspects related to the transport of lathes to the Egyptian market.



CNC lathe TUR SMN 800 from FAT HACO - advantages and possibilities

Lathes are a leading category of products manufactured by Fabryka Automatów Tokarskich in Wrocław - a well-known manufacturer of metalworking machines. The factory is currently part of the Belgian HACO group. Among the many successful products of the company, the TUR SMN 800 lathe stands out, which is appreciated by users around the world. 


The TUR SMN 800 model is a universal lathe, designed for thread cutting, turning shafts and other metal elements. This machine can process workpieces with a maximum diameter of 800 mm, which allows the machinning of larger workpieces. 

Thanks to advanced functions, the CNC lathe - TUR SMN 800 is easy to use and guarantees high quality machining. In addition, this machine is efficient and reliable, making it an ideal choice for a variety of industrial applications. FAT HACO in Wrocław is a renowned manufacturer of metalworking machines with a long tradition and an established position on the market. It is famous for its innovative technological solutions and high-quality products that are appreciated by customers around the world. This is evidenced by numerous references from satisfied users who appreciate not only the efficiency and reliability of the machines, but also the professionalism and commitment of the company's employees.


Why transporting a lathe requires proper preparation?

Transporting a lathe to Egypt is a task that requires proper preparation for various reasons. These machines are usually massive and heavy, making them difficult to transport. In addition, lathes are precision machines whose delicate components require adequate protection against damage during transport. Finally, in order to avoid problems related to customs and taxes, it is necessary to comply with formal requirements and customs and tax documents. To ensure effective and safe transport of the lathe, you need to plan the route, properly pack and secure the machine, choose the appropriate means of transport and find an experienced transport company. All these steps should be carried out in advance to avoid unforeseen problems during transport.


Choice of transport - is sea transport the best solution?

The first aspect to consider when arranging transport is choosing the right means of transport. For long-distance transportation of lathes, sea or air freight is usually used. In the case of sea transport, it is worth considering the use of an OPEN TOP container, which is characterized by an open roof. Such a container allows you to easily load heavy and large items, such as lathes, from above, which facilitates and speeds up the loading and unloading process. In addition, these containers are available in different sizes, which allows you to choose the right size for the transport of your machine. Before sending the lathe in a container, ensure that it is properly protected against damage during transport, e.g. by using appropriate protective elements, such as pallets, fastenings or special cushions and straps.


 Transport drawing


The challenges of packing and securing the machine for transport

What materials and solutions were used to secure the cargo in the container? Securing loads in container transport consists in using the technical properties of particular types of sea containers and the use of fastening means. The machine was packed in a container without a platform. In addition to the machine, the container also contained: a chip feeder, a cover door, a boring tool, rests, and a control panel. To secure the load, special lashing straps are used. Transport belts are flexible belts made of strong materials. They are used to secure the cargo in the container. Their purpose is to prevent the goods from shifting or moving during transport.


Realization of transport

The export transport of CNC lathe model TUR SMN 800 from Poland to Egypt was extremely demanding. Due to its size, the cargo had to be loaded into a 40'OPEN TOP container and delivered by sea to the port of El Dekheila.


40'OPEN TOP container is dedicated to:


In this section of the article, we will focus especially on the stage of loading and organizing sea transport.

Loading the machine into the container was very precise and required the use of specialized equipment and load securing. Loading was supervised by three employees, including one crane worker. The machine was lifted on steel ropes using an overhead crane, which was anchored on specialized transport shafts mounted in the bed of the lathe.


Moving the lathe with a crane to the container


The lathe was then carefully transported to the container of the truck. During loading, special attention was paid to the exact and careful arrangement of the main dimensions of the lathe inside the container, so that the rest of the machine components could be safely packed. After the loading stage was completed, the machine was delivered by road to the port of Gdynia, from where it was to set off on a sea voyage to the port of El Dekheila.


19 day trip


To transport the CNC lathe TUR SMN 800, we decided to use the SPEEDWAY FREGITH SERVICES (POLAND) forwarding company in Gdynia. Thanks to their careful and professional approach, the transported equipment arrived in perfect condition, which enabled its trouble-free operation. Their experience and knowledge of international transport as well as high standards of service allowed us to feel confident when moving our device. Upon arrival, the lathe was thoroughly inspected and confirmed to have arrived ready for immediate use.


The organization of sea transport was the task of the SPEEDWAY FREIGHT SERVICES (POLAND) shipping company, which acted as an intermediary in organizing the entire logistics process on the route Wrocław - Gdynia - El Dekheila. The company dealt with provision of appropriate equipment, organization of road transport and loading of the container onto the ship.

Formal requirements and customs documents for the transport of a lathe to the Egyptian market

It is also worth remembering about the need to obtain appropriate customs documents and import permits in Egypt. The transport of the lathe to the Egyptian market requires compliance with various formal requirements and customs and tax documents. Below are some of the most important requirements and documents to take care of when transporting a lathe to Egypt: 



Certificate of Origin - this document confirms that the goods come from a country that is covered by a free trade agreement with Egypt and entitles it to benefit from customs relief. In the case of Poland, this is e.g. EUR.1 certificate.




ACID – necessary registration when shipping goods to Egypt

When shipping goods, exporters must prepare a number of documents that are necessary to arrange transport. Some countries have their own specific guidelines as to the documents that the importer must present upon arrival of the goods at the port of discharge.

The Egyptian government has launched a customs system called NAFEZA to verify consignees and their imported cargoes to facilitate the release of goods upon arrival in the country. Importers of goods are required to register the details of their company, exporter and consignment before the goods arrive at the port of destination. After entering the data by the importer, the system generates an ACID number. Based on this number and via the CargoX platform, cargo details must be entered no later than 48 hours prior to the ships's arrival at its destination port in Egypt. The number must be entered in all transport documents, i.e. in the commercial invoice, bill of lading, bill of lading, etc.

Without the ACID number in the shipping documents, it is impossible to release the cargo to the recipient and start the customs procedure. In addition, if the ACID number is not presented before the ship's departure, the shipowner will not allow the booking to be carried out, and the container will not be loaded on the ship in accordance with the assumed schedule.

In practice, therefore, when exporting goods to Egypt without the required ACID number, the shipper will not be able to deliver to the final destination. The formalities may seem complicated, but if you want to cooperate with recipients in this part of the world, it is worth getting acquainted with the requirements before starting the talks, so that later arrangements will run more efficiently.

Please note that formal requirements and customs documents may vary depending on the specific commodity and the country from which it is imported. Therefore, it is worth contacting the representatives of the transport company or a customs advisor to obtain detailed information on the formal requirements and customs and tax documents for the transport of the lathe to the Egyptian market.


Transporting a lathe to the Egyptian market comes with some challenges that need to be properly anticipated and dealt with. It is necessary to prepare appropriate documentation and formalities, choose the right transport and protect the device against damage. However, successfully delivering a lathe to foreign markets can bring many benefits to the company, including gaining new contractors and increasing sales.


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