What is the measuring probe for?
26 May 2023

What is the measuring probe for?


In machining, the measuring probe plays an important role in monitoring the machining process as well as the dimensional accuracy and quality of the manufactured parts. One of the methods that improves the detail and accuracy of a part or tool when working with automated material machining on FAT HACO lathes is the installation and use of measuring probes. Here are some applications of measuring probes in machining:


Measuring of cutting tools

Measuring probes are used to measure the geometry of cutting tools such as cutters, drills, lathes, etc. They allow you to accurately determine the dimensions of the tool, such as diameter, length, turning angles, etc. To ensure proper tool geometry and minimise machining errors.

Measuring workpiece geometry 

Measuring probes are used to measure the geometry of a workpiece during the machining process. They can measure parameters such as diameter, length, depth of holes, radii, etc. They allow you to monitor the accuracy of the workpiece dimensions and, if necessary, adjust the cutting process.

Cutting depth measurement 

Measuring probes are used to measure cutting depth during turning or milling. They allow you to control the depth of cut, which is important to maintain the required accuracy and avoid exceeding tolerances.

Measuring the surface of the workpiece 

The measuring probes can be used to measure the surface quality of the workpieces, such as roughness, profile, surface evenness, etc. They allow verification of compliance with quality requirements and possible adjustment of the cutting process to ensure high quality and repeatability.


Additional benefits arise from the integration of measuring probes into your own production plan. In addition to increasing automation and quality of work, the use of the probe reduces machine downtime, eliminates errors in manual settings, ensures the highest measurement accuracy.

Measuring probes are usually integrated into machine tools or as stand-alone machines whose operation is controlled by measuring systems.

Part measurement in the machine park FAT HACO


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