CNC lathe service
06 July 2023

CNC lathe service

Service of CNC lathes is extremely important to maintain the efficiency and performance of these advanced machines. Here are some basic information and tips for servicing CNC machines



Construction of lathe TUR SMN 630


  1. Left guard
  2. Headstock
  3. Additional cover-chuck guard
  4. Chuck
  5. Lamp
  6. Turret
  7. Tailstock
  8. Operator panel
  9. Thirdwheel
  10. Right guard
  11. Coolant pump and chip conveyor electrical connections
  12. Main motor area access door
  13. Bed
  14. Guides


Preventive maintenance 

Regular inspections and preventive maintenance are key to keeping your CNC lathes in good condition. Oils, greases and filters should be regularly checked and replaced, and various components such as guides, ball screws and encoders should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Proper lubrication is a necessary element for the good functioning and long service life of the machine tool. The lathe should be checked for proper lubrication before each start-up and periodically during machine operation. The machine tool has two integrated lubrication systems. The first lubrication system is placed at the end of the bed and supplies the guide bed. A second lubrication system is placed under the headstock and supplies the headstock.



Diagnostics and repair

In case of CNC lathe failure, it is necessary to carry out diagnostics to locate the problem. Servicers must be able to analyse fault logs, check electrical connections and perform functional tests. Once the problem is located, it is necessary to repair or replace the damaged components.

hydraulika elektryka


Calibration and settings 

CNC machines need to be updated regularly to ensure machining accuracy. Calibration includes checking and adjusting settings for geometry, axis positioning, measurement accuracy and error compensation. If there is a misalignment of the alignment with the tool or for other reasons, the alignment is as follows:




Software updates

CNC lathe control software can be updated regularly to make improvements, improve performance or solve compatibility issues. Servicers may install these updates and perform appropriate tests to ensure the machine is functioning properly after the update.



Training and support 

Service personnel should be properly trained in the area of CNC machine operation and repair. FAT HACO provides technical support to users of their CNC machines to help them solve problems and make optimal use of the machines. It is worth following the manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance and service on a regular basis to keep the machine in the best possible condition. If you are interested in servicing your machine, please contact us.





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