Conventional lathe FAT HACO - TUR 630 M
13 March 2023

Conventional lathe FAT HACO - TUR 630 M


At the special request of PESA (Pojazdy Szynowe Pesa Bydgoszcz) FAT HACO produced a conventional lathe for metal. It is a classic and reliable model of a lathe sold by Fabryka Automatów Tokarskich continuously for over 60 years.



Metalworking machines (FAT HACO lathes) are recognized all over the world, as well as on the Polish market, as evidenced by orders from the largest domestic entrepreneurs. 

Conventional TUR lathes are designed for high performance machining and for heavy metal removal, they can be equipped with taper turning attachments and other options. The rigid structure of the machine combined with the advantages of a powerful 15 kW motor, allows for the optimal selection of processing parameters.




The headstock drives the spindle and contains the speed selection transmission which provides a range of 21 spindle speeds. The feed box contains a three chamber transmission for the selection of feeds and threads. The main spindle is powered by a 15 kW motor.


Conventional Lathe TUR 630 M - technical parameters

Distance between centers: 2.000 mm

Swing over bed: 630 mm

Swing over saddle: 380 mm

Max. weight between centres (without steadies): 1.500 kg

Number of spindle speeds: 21

Spindle speed: 18-1.800 rpm

Spindle bore: 105 mm

Main motor power: 15 kW 

Cross slide travel: 345 mm

Top slide travel: 155 mm

Tailstock quill diameter: 100 mm

The technical solutions of conventional lathes have been constantly improved over the years. Below is a photo gallery of older models of this machine and their years of production.
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