CNC lathe for metal - quality standards 
09 February 2023

CNC lathe for metal - quality standards 

One of our latest realizations is the popular TUR SMN 630 latheAs a standard, the machine has undergone various quality tests.

The geometric accuracy of CNC lathes manufactured by FAT HACO is confirmed according to DIN 8605, 8606 and 8607, depending on the machine size. Tests to confirm compliance with DIN standards are carried out and recorded individually for each lathe. At the request of the customer, they are also demonstrated in his presence. Depending on the needs and expectations of the customer, we carry out additional tests illustrating the capabilities and accuracy of the machine tool operation.


Among the tests, we carry out a longitudinal turning test without horse support to confirm the correct setting of the headstock. Additionally, we turning the disc to confirm the perpendicularity of the movement of the X-axis to the Z-axis of the machine. In addition, we check the lathe during rough turning for maximum parameters and check the surface quality during finishing turning.

During the final quality acceptance before dispatch of the machine, we additionally check the level of emitted noise, the tightness of the hydraulic system and possible coolant leaks. Numerical control functions, speed and feed and turning limits are tested. Finally, the completeness of the lathe and the ordered optional equipment is checked, as well as the overall aesthetics of the workmanship.

Thanks to comprehensive acceptance of the machine, the customer receives the final product, which ensures full functionality from the first day of use and long-term stability of geometric accuracy.

FAT machines are designed and manufactured by professionals and fully assembled in our factory in Wrocław. The result is a lathe that guarantees the highest quality and precision of machining.


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