Machining of gear wheels
21 August 2023

Machining of gear wheels

In addition to machine building, FAT HACO also provides milling and grinding of gear wheels for external companies.

Gear wheels machining is a manufacturing process that aims to create precise and coordinated teeth on gear wheels. Gears are often used in mechanisms and machines to transmit motion and torque between axes. One of our leading clients is BEFARED Spółka Akcyjna.

Here are some of the techniques used by FAT HACO in the machining of gear wheels:

 frezarka_obwiedniowa  kolo_zebate_walcowe



Machining of gear wheels is a complex process requiring advanced skills and specialized equipment. Precision and quality are key to ensure efficient and reliable operation of the gear in mechanisms and machines. If you are interested in machining gears please contact us.


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