Leadscrew pitch error compensation 
02 October 2023

Leadscrew pitch error compensation 

In order to improve the working precision of the lathe, our engineers apply leadscrew pitch error compensation. This error is an uneven pitch and clearance on the screw/nut assembly, it means that the positioning of the machine (positioning of a given machine axis) is repetitive but with some error. To eliminate this, laser compensation of the pitch error of the ball screw is used.

In ball screws of different manufacturers, large dimensional deviations are observed to a greater or lesser extent (refered to as leadscrew pitch errors).

lasertex  lasertex_pomiar

In addition, there are dimensional deviations caused by the measuring system and tolerances of its installation on the machine (measuring system errors), as well as any machine-dependent sources of errors. Since these dimensional deviations directly affect the machining accuracy of the workpiece, they must be compensated by the corresponding compensation values and entered into the machine programming system. In this process, we use a laser interferometer from Lasertex.


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