CNC lathes in oil industry
21 September 2023

CNC lathes in oil industry

CNC lathes made by FAT HACO are perfect for the oil industry. They are used, among others, to perform various tasks related to metal and plastic machinning. Here are some specific applications of lathes in the oil industry:

Machinery Component Manufacturing: In the oil industry, complex machinery components such as pumps, valves, hydraulic cylinders, etc are often produced. Lathes are used to made these parts, ensuring accurate dimensions and appropriate strength.


TUR SMN 800/930/1100 with 450 mm spindle bore

Shaft and pipe machining: Shafts and pipes, including drill rods, are common components used in power transmission and fluid conveying. Lathes are used for machining shaft ends, threading pipes and ensuring appropriate dimensional tolerances.


Threads made on FAT HACO machines

The TUR SMN 800/930/1100 series lathe with a spindle travel of 450 mm is ideal here. Thanks to the monolithic bed, the lathes of this series are characterized by exceptional stability and high precision thanks to which the threads connecting the drill rods will be tight and will not be washed out. 


Example of thread that is not properly made, a wash out occurs because the threads didn’t seal

Specialty products: In some cases, this industry requires specialty products with unusual shapes and dimensions. Lathes can be adapted to produce these unusual elements.

Repair and Maintenance: Drilling platforms, oil and gas processing plants and other facilities are needed to extract raw materials from the earth. Lathes are essential for the repair and maintenance of infrastructure in these locations.


Production of tools and equipment: There is a need to produce all kinds of tools, tooling and equipment that can be produced with lathes.

Production of components for measuring and controlling processes: In the oil industry, monitoring and controlling processes and operating parameters is important. Lathes can be used to produce precision components for measuring and control equipment.


CNC lathes are therefore an essential tool in the oil industry, helping to manufacture, repair and maintain the infrastructure and machinery necessary for extracting, processing and transporting crude oil. Read more about drill rods.

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