04 June 2024
Cold Root Rolling on a FAT HACO lathe

In industrial production, we distinguish various types of machining of raw materials from which appropriate tools and components are produced. This is also the case with the production of downhole drill tools, which is a key process for the oil & gas industry. Drill tools are used to drill holes in the ground or rocks, which can be used in the search for natural resources, oil drilling, geotechnics, construction or drilling deep wells.

21 September 2023
CNC lathes in oil industry

CNC lathes made by FAT HACO are perfect for the oil industry. They are used, among others, to perform various tasks related to metal and plastic machinning. Here are some specific applications of lathes in the oil industry:

11 August 2023
Polish CNC machines in the Philippines

CNC lathes manufactured by FAT HACO find their customers all over the world. We can boast that they even reach such remote countries of the world as the Philippines. We recently refreshed our contact with Indexss (International Drilling Exploration Supply And Services, Incorporated) who has been using our machines for more than 11 years. By focusing on responsible relations with contractors, we try to provide professional support even in hard-to-reach places.

06 July 2023
CNC lathe service

Service of CNC lathes is extremely important to maintain the efficiency and performance of these advanced machines. Here are some basic information and tips for servicing CNC machines


20 June 2023
Which CNC lathe choose for your company? Turning diameter, monolithic bed, robust tailstock, headstock


When thinking about buying a CNC machine for your company, we often face a dilemma in which equipment to invest to meet our expectations. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the value for money and whether the chosen machine model will be suitable for the type of machinning that we do in our plant. Finally, we select the tooling and the necessary components.


26 May 2023
What is the measuring probe for?


In machining, the measuring probe plays an important role in monitoring the machining process as well as the dimensional accuracy and quality of the manufactured parts. One of the methods that improves the detail and accuracy of a part or tool when working with automated material machining on FAT HACO lathes is the installation and use of measuring probes. Here are some applications of measuring probes in machining:


17 April 2023
Lathes transport to Egypt - challenges and how to deal with them


Nowadays, globalization enables easier flow of goods and services between different countries and regions. The transport of goods, including specialized machines such as CNC lathes, plays an important role in global trade. Transporting a lathe requires careful planning and the use of experienced transport companies and local experts to help solve potential problems. In this expert article, we will discuss several aspects related to the transport of lathes to the Egyptian market.


17 March 2023
CNC turning - what is it?


Metal turning is one of the forms of machining, which involves the production of elements with a cylindrical shape. As a result of metal turning, a wide range of elements can be produced, from simple shafts, sleeves, to more advanced products, by combining external and internal machining.


07 March 2023
Production of CNC machines - special projects

Based on the combination of our extensive experience in the production of lathes, constant development and improvement, our range has been expanded to include special machines dedicated to meeting specific customer requirements. We focus not only on the production of standard horizontal lathes. Our goal is to provide contractors with specialized multi-purpose machines, as well as the production of complete production lines for complex machining operations including: turning, grinding, boring and other complex operations. Below we present completed projects.

25 January 2023
The history of the founding of Fabryka Automatów Tokarskich


The establishment of Fabryka Automatów Tokarskich is connected with the history of two plants. The first of these was the factory of Carl Justus Heckmann, which began operating in Berlin in 1819. In the following years, branch plants of the Heckmann factory were established in Moscow, Hamburg and Havana. The Wrocław branch was opened in 1851 at today's Małachowskiego Street. At that time, devices for the brewing and sugar industry were produced.



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